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Encountering ‘Tea-Baggers’ On the Path To Restoring Civility to Concord

That tebagger called me an offensive name- Democrats and selective civilityIs there any limit to the number of dumb things a Democrat candidate for the NH House can do or say–or claim to stand? And how come, every time I try to walk away from this guy, he keeps dragging me back?

Yes, I am referring to William Hudson Connery III, who since having stumbled onto the New Hampshire political stage–as a Democrat candidate in Newmarket (Rock 17)–has insulted people of faith,  tried to hide the fact, demonstrated a past in which he encouraged what in most places amounts to vote fraud, violated Department of Defense rules, and has now exemplified his Left Wing, New Hampshire, street cred by invoking (unsolicited) the unflattering term ‘Teabaggers.’

Tea bagger is hate speech, unless you are a democratIn his July 15th Facebook status update Mr. Connery declares…“Sorry Tea Baggers, even your hero disagrees with you” (click to expand image). I assume he’s not speaking to Ray Buckley because that would then be hate speech, or bullying, in contradiction of any number of Democrat-sponsored state statutes on such things; subject even to a Federal investigation in violation of that Pentagon/Matthew Shepherd/ Hate crimes/DoD spending bill.

Not to worry.  Connery is speaking to TEA Party Patriots.  Hypocrats get an equality-dispensation from the radical left, even if there are TEA Party folks who also happen to be gay, who might find offense.

It is also a well-known fact that this recurring homosexual epithet (favored by such left-wing 7-watt luminaries as the still-unrepentant, tea-bagger slur-wielding Congressional candidate Carol Shea-Porter)  is simply an in-house, New Hampshire Democrat party, pet name, for a group of political opponents, like Skippy or Sunshine.   And it’s all part of  ‘Restoring civility, Collaboration, and common sense to Concord, just like NH Democrat District 9 Senate Candidate Lee Nyquist keeps saying.

Sure the budget is balanced, and they cut taxes and spending, and state revenues are in just over projection, but those Teabaggers have made Concord uncivil.

And yet no word as to whether Lee ‘selective civility’ Nyquist has yet condemned candidate Connery for his disrespectful, nonsensical remarks, nor if, several weeks on he has scrounged up the integrity to publicly condemn the remarks of his own campaign manager, Kevin ‘Slugger’ Hodges.

Such is the dichotomy of the New Hampshire Democrats selective civility, burdened as it must be by the selective outrage exercised by  hypocrites like Nyquist, Hodges, Hassan, and the whole of a Democrat collectivist unconscious that cannot even imagine why anyone would consider their duplicitous underpinnings as a sign that no one can or should trust or even believe anything else they claim to stand for.

And what of Mr. Connery’s cohorts for the New Hampshire House.  We have not heard one peep (to my knowledge) from fellow Newmarket Democrats Michael Cahill, Patty Lovejoy, and Marcia Moody on any of this.  They must be on board with the hating people of faith, and the Tea-bagger slurs, and the overall selective civility plank of the State Democrat party platform, yes?  I don’t see them speaking out publicly about the inappropriateness of Mr. Connery’s incivility, nor that of Slugger-Hodges or even Maggie ‘That’s a good answer’ Hassan.

So how is it that they are not complicit, not just by party affiliation but by proximity to such blatant disregard for constructive and non-inflammatory dialogue from a Democrat candidate in their town?

They are hypocrites, that is why.  Civility is not in their tool box.  This is just political slight of hand, a rhetorical flourish over the false ideas sequestered in the disappearing cabinet of left-wing campaign promises, which when opened after election day, will be found empty and barren.

There was no civility in the legislature when Democrats ran it, just ask Democrats who tried to be civil.  Civility is an anchor to be laid upon political opponents.  It was never meant to apply to New Hampshire Democrats.   That would be uncivil.


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