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Got Hate? The “JohnnyBBad” Edition

Got Hate?

Thanks to Fairmind over at Red Hampshire we have this story.  A regular contributor at Boo Hoo Hamster posted what amounted to a death threat against Speaker Bill O’Brien.

“I was just in Cahncid driving down Main St. and my car tried to speed up when I saw Speaker O’Lien in the crosswalk…thank God my brain and my car are disconnected…I was barely able to contain myself.Perhaps we’ll get to see good old fashioned duels on the Statehouse lawn to take our minds off the real issues…maybe even a hanging or two.” No Muzzle, No WHHP by: JonnyBBad @ Wed Jan 05, 2011 at 13:45:55 PM CST
Posted on BlueHampshire

Dean ‘Bob’ Barker (DbB) has since removed it, but not without making some noise of his own.

“JonnyB’s comment upthread deleted. (0.00 / 0) The same pseudnoymous (sic) user on the red team who has previously made bizarre and untrue claims about me and others is already misinterpreting it in an effort to sidetrack from these undemocratic actions from the legislature, so I deleted it so we can focus squarely on the subject of this diary.” birch, finch, beech by: Dean Barker @ Wed Jan 05, 2011 at 17:50:20 PM CST 

DbB is referring to ‘Fairmind’ and the earlier post, and suggesting that JohnnyB’s comment distracts from the diary and its debate.  I don’t suppose that’s any different than a passing breeze pushing flies away from the pile of crap they have been hovering over.

But here’s a point: without the comment who else actually new about the debate but the regulars who will agree with JohnnyB?  Without a different set of brain cells observing the left wing in-bred idea-pool that passes for a discussion in the blue Tidy Bowl water at the Hamster, the comment would have stood, revered as the wit and wisdom of a reliable contributor to the left wing hate machine.

DbB does not apologize for the comment, nor the obvious intent, he simply deflects it as if it was misread.  He is more interested in excusing it as a distraction and an inconvenience now that he must remove it.

And what about JohnnyB’s brain being disconnected from his car?  Is that safe or is it indicative of a similar relationship to his keyboard for which he is appreciated by the Hamsters?

Or does any of that really matter?

The real issue as usual, is not the comment itself but the hypocrisy, something else the Hamsters overlook for much the same reason.  It is wired into their disconnected brains.  But we are more than happy to point it out, and log it, so that it can be memorialized for later consideration as part of the lefts aggravated obsession with self contradiction.

And while it is a crude thing to jest verbally with the lives of others, even in passing comments, under other circumstances this might be considered a ‘hate crime,’ and it is something the left would never tolerate from the right.

So Dean ‘Bob’ Barker’s snide dismissal is just more proof of what we already know. Progressives are hypocrites who have ruined the Democrat party.