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Political Incivility is Not the New Hampshire Way

Got Civility"Political Incivility is Not the New Hampshire Way" is the title of Jeanne Shaheen’s Op-Ed in the Morning Sunday News.  I can only assume she is not familiar with her own State Democrat Party leadership, some of the people who have helped her get elected like Kathy Sullivan, and others; people who are on the record saying any number of uncivil things.  And we’re not even talking about implications of cross-walk manslaughter, nuking Japan, wishing people dead, Koch brother hate, or anything the average public sector union worker may have uttered.  And what about Republican’s being like the Taliban?

Seems to me that there is a very healthy supply of political incivility in New Hampshire, so what Rodney King like, "can’t we all just get along," paint by the talking points numbers mural is Shaheen creating?

She is setting the narrative for her next Senate race.  Jeanne is trying hard to track toward the center in anticipation of a reelection battle.  She is tilling the earth and planting little placebo-seeds of moderateness to sell herself as a middle of the road, small-government is just alright with me, independent-voter attracting kind of a democrat; even though she is just another spineless rubber-stamp liberal progressive.  But she’d like to be able to claim to have long been orbiting safely in the event horizon.  Away from the gravity of left wing extremism in her party.  So as to attract the mythological "civil center."   But her voting record (91% with Harry Reid) and her donors (Emily’s List, Lawyers, Lobbyists, leadership, and Liberals) will make it hard to take that seriously.

How can she distance herself from the debacle in Wisconsin, and left wing hate all over, despite heavy union donors to her campaign?  We know how she has been bought out by Emily’s List so the abortion ugliness is also an albatross around her neck.  And her support of Obama and the legions of uncivil, unpopular nonsense and hypocrisy there also weigh heavy upon her.

But she’ll have plenty of money, and plenty of time, to keep the search engines filled with political platitudes.  And you can bet there will be some uncivil behavior come re-elections time, sanctioned by her own democrat party, right here in New Hampshire.  It’s guaranteed.  Democrats can’t help themselves.  Which is why this op-ed is probably the funniest thing you’ll find in this Sunday’s paper.