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Running in Rockingham 17 – A Democrat Socialist From Tennessee?

William Hudson Connery III is running for the New Hampshire House.  He is a Democrat.  He is running in Rockinham 17.   And with the registration deadline just past, he’s already got problems.

William-Hudson Connery III cant stand church goersLet’s start with that picture of the anti-religious bumper sticker he had posted on facebook that he abruptly took down…just after he signed up to run for the New Hampshire House I’d guess.  The one that says, “I’ve got Nothing Against God, It’s his fan club I can’t stand.”  He is certainly welcome to his opinion but not being able to stand most of the population seems like a strange condition for someone seeking public office.  If he “can’t stand” 8 out of 10 constituents who exactly is he hoping to represent?

He’s also rather partial to another bumper sticker (if you read the updates next to the picture) that says “I’m sorry I missed Church I was too busy practicing witchcraft and being a lesbian.”

Well where’s the left wing outrage about that?

Shouldn’t non-Wiccan Lesbians be offended, being lumped in with Witches, and what about heterosexual witches?  Or church-going Lesbians?

Doesn’t the lefts politics of personal destruction demand that someone pay protesters to march outside Mr. Connery’s home in opposition to this gender and religious bigotry?  No?  I guess he gets the secular-humanists equivalent of special dispensation because he is the right sort of bigot, yes?

Wait, I know, he gets the “It’s just a joke” get out of outrage free card because he’s a Democrat.

All the fun and left wing hypocrisy aside, as a big supporter of free speech I could care less if he “can’t stand” most of America (including me).   I am actually more concerned that he took the status update down.   This picture is obviously something he finds amusing and worth sharing and while it plays to the declaration of his being an Atheist, removing the picture and comments tells us more about the candidate from Rockingham 17 than leaving it up.

William Hudson Connery III is not only trying to hide his apparent disdain for people of faith, he understands or has been convinced that if he doesn’t pretend to be someone he is not, he can’t get elected to the New Hampshire House.  He is deceiving you to get your vote.

Not exactly a ground breaking revelation.  A Democrat lying to achieve elected office.  But it begs further investigation.

William Hudson Connery the Third “moved here” from Tennessee, after attending UNH and now wants to help Democrats take back the New Hampshire House in November.

WHCIII an admitted Democrat socialistI’m sorry to report that unless he plans to run on blocking or aiding in the repeal of the Obama Health Care Tax from the State level, he might have a rough go of it.  We tolerate Democrats but we’re not big on taxes and that one is the biggest tax of them all.

And while the part of New Hampshire he now resides in has a left leaning tilt to it, being a self-admitted Atheist, Democrat socialist, who can’t stand people of faith, might prove too much given some of the other history we’ll explore.

Take voting and domicile history for example.  William Connery III voted in Durham in 2008 and in Newmarket in 2010 (where he now claims to live).  But despite claiming Tennessee residency he chose to vote here in 2008, probably because liberal professors and local Democrat campaign operatives told him too.  The matter of the legality is not nearly as interesting as his then joining the Tennessee Democrat State Party in 2009… to “Promote the Liberal Progressive agenda in Tennessee.”  On the Party web page he indicates that he resides in Davidson County Tennessee.

I thought he was living in New Hampshire?

This all sounds a bit deceptive to me.  Deceptive, like taking down Facebook posts that tell us who you really are.  But maybe deception is his gig?  As a UNH Student in December of 2007 he was encouraging fellow college students to vote in the New Hampshire Primary. 

Hey there, just a few things about things going on this week. The Obama campaign is trying to get everyone we can to go down and vote in Durham. If you are out of state, it doesn’t matter, I am from Tennessee and I voted already.

William Hudson Connery III advocates voter fraudWas it legal?  It may have been.  I am not clear on the precise timeline of the Democrats watering down the rules, but was it ethical?  Does it demonstrate a willingness to take advantage of opportunities without regard to principles?  Combined with the temptation to hide who he is should it disqualify him from public service?  Or are we looking to add more deception in the public sphere?

Mr. Connery’s ethics also afford him the “liberty” to throw the F word around on his facebook page.

If you dare to check out  his “previous facebook presence,”  you will find that he is not just an advocate and promoter of people from outside the state diluting New Hampshire residents votes (legal, ethical, or otherwise), it is here that he admits that he is an avowed Atheist, favors taxpayer funded contraception, is probably a supporter of the Occupy Movement, and one of my favorites. …as of July, 2011 he defines his party affiliation as “Democrat Socialist.”

Democrat Socialist.  I’m surprised the Democrats didn’t try to run him as a Republican.  Wait –He’s not a firefighter.

We learn that Mr. Connery was a complete Obama Zombie.  Fell for the whole Hope and Change BS.  All in on the Race politics.   He still sells the “TEA Party is evil” meme.   And who of faith does not see this for what it is?  Obama filled his Godless Vacuum.  Barack Obama, who deceived everyone to get elected to office and then proceeded to lead as the corrupt, partisan, hard-left, Democrat-socialist, community organizing, America Hating, crony-capitalist, that he was. (Mr. Connery has a nice Facebook rant about how he sometimes hates America–in regard to people not seeing how awesome Obama is.  If it’s still up.)

You know, both Marx and Hegel admit that their atheism is what drew them to communism, so their is nothing odd about this strange little journey.  William has filled his Vacuum with the empty rhetoric of the left and all of its hatred for the Right.

Something else that is very Democrat-Socialist?  Watering down the voter registration restrictions to make it easier for anyone who happens to be here…to vote here.  Oh, and justifying legal plunder, that act of legitimizing theft through confiscatory statutes that separate you from your property…that is required of the Democrat Socialist.  It is how they fix everything you are deemed unqualified to handle on your own.  It is how they make up for their perceived shortcoming of people on the right, and people of faith, who do not toe their progressive line.  It is how they build the impenetrable bureaucratic edifice of big government.  Government you must pay for whether you like it or want it.  Or even if you don’t believe in it; there is no allowance from the left (even the atheist left) for lacking faith in government or even in Obama.   That’s not free speech, it is just bigotry and racism.

I suspect Mr. Connery will now endeavor to refute these claims but I have screen caps of everything and given his previous efforts to deceive you you’ll have to decide for yourselves if you can believe him.

One final reminder.   I have no problem with William Connery running for office as an Obama loving, Democrat-Socialist, tax and spend, big government, atheist who is uncomfortable with faith and prefers allowing out of state residents to dilute local elections.  It’s America.  He’s entitled to all of that.   And if his constituents want that then the process has been properly served.   My problem is when he tries to run as something else because he does not believe those people will elect him.

Run as who you are.   That’s all I’m really saying.