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League of Women Voters Now Hissing at Project Veritas Video

“Perhaps that suspicion of fraud enhances the flavor.” —C. S. Forester

SHREW: (SHroo) def. 1. A small mouse-like insectivorous mammal (Sorex, Crocidura, and other genera, family Soricidae) with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes. 2. A bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman.

The New Hampshire League of Women Voters call James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video, “A Fraud.” The League has called for the prosecution of, “these out of state con-artists.” As Reported in today’s edition of the New Hampshire Union Leader.  Let the slash and burn begin, I say! These types of fights are the stuff dreams are made of.

Juxtaposing this anti-voter ID push-back with the viewpoint of the average citizen who votes, but does not dabble in activist partisan rancor, an overwhelming majority of those citizens agree it is perfectly reasonable to show who one is to vote on election days. Maintaining the integrity of a system, intended to incorporate the duty of one person, one vote, gels with average sensibilities and common sense.

Average citizens in the daily conduct of their lives present some form of identification to cash checks,  obtain medication prescriptions, look at apartments and houses, purchase alcohol and tobacco, obtain medical care, and enter bars and some entertainment venues. I am also informed recently that proof of age is frequently required to rent pornographic videos. One certainty I know of is that identification is required to purchase firearms.

The act of verifying who we are and what age we are has been inculcated into our lives, our culture, and our daily routines. Despite that, some would have us believe that merely showing a picture ID at a polling place would disenfranchise somebody.

In a statement to the Union Leader, the New Hampshire League of Women Voters asserted,

“The fraud shown on the video was carefully manufactured to make it appear that New Hampshire doesn’t have a system of checks and balances in place to protect our votes. That is not the case.”

Really? it is not the case? They never expand on that assertion. And they likely won’t either.  Because they follow the same old liberal party line that espouses the unaccountability.

The Union Leader writes, “The league is a long-standing, non-partisan civic organization,” despite decidedly left-leaning political positions the League has historically taken.

The League has engaged in pedantry, calling for the,

“full-scale prosecution of out-of state con artists[sic] for allegedly falsely claiming to be recently deceased New Hampshire residents to obtain their ballots during Tuesday’s presidential primary.”

The league has ignored the exact nature of what the content portrays, denying its authenticity. And showing their fealty to the status quo, the League added,

“The only thing this video shows is that those with time, resources and criminal intent and with no respect for the fundamental laws of our nation can sometimes deceive our neighbors who work as election officials,”

Absent is any discussion about  the Project Veritas video content and what it reveals, other than to call it a fake and a fraud, and labeling O’Keefe and his associates as, “con-artists” and criminals. Over at Boo-Hoo Hamster the caterwauling is more of the same, calling O’Keefe and his associates “Thugs” and posts of suppositions wagering that Speaker O’Brien was in on the ruse. The stuff posted there is just so typical, but what is to be expected from a bunch of idiots? Even the “Shill” Kathy was weighing in (No pun intended).

This UL story would be sans replete absent a silly Harrell Kirstein bloviation. And not to be disappointed, Harrell hisses at,

“attempts by “GOP operatives” for “manufacturing” voter fraud to “gin up support for a discriminatory voter ID law.”

I say let them press on. Some of the most leftist, liberal states have voter ID laws. That somehow, a moderate level of accountability in our elections denies some the right to vote, belies common sense. This is a fight worth having and we should see it through to its’ end.