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The Shrill Kathy On Religion, Fatties, Food Stamps, And Republicans

“I have a great diet. You’re allowed to eat anything you want, but you must eat it with naked fat people.” —Ed Bluestone

Kathy SullivanIt’s a different kind of day when the Shrill Kathy graces the pages of the Union Leader with feigned pity for Republican candidates. And what can be said of the Shrill Kathy where she takes the opportunity to grossly mischaracterized an ad put out by the Perry Campaign. She states, “Rick Perry Complains…” But does he really? Or are the assertions in the spot a pointed statement about the current and existing situation. Having served in the United States Marine Corps, I can tell you there were individuals present and serving who were gay. And they continued to serve.

The job of the military is national defense, not social policy and for a long time loony liberals like the Shrill Kathy Sullivan have sought to change that priority. Leftists want the U.S. Armed forces to more closely resemble the Danish and Dutch Armed Forces for whom the enemies of the free world possess no fear.  What’s more, after making a thesis statement about Perry’s ad referencing gays in the military, she takes a slap at him with a Brokeback Mountain simile about the jacket he wears in that ad.  Frankly, I’ve seen more class from drunk people at an Appalachian Wedding Reception. And before the Shrill Kathy starts poking at people’s appearances and what they wear, she ought to step in front of a mirror, herself.

Defending Obama Shrill tells us that, “President Obama is a man of faith who receives a daily devotional from Joshua DuBois, the head of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.” But do note the choice of words the Shrill uses: “man of faith,” and, “daily devotional”…sans any reference to Christ Jesus, Christianity or God, Buddha, Allah, or Baal. Don’t Wiccans, Satanic worshipers and Vodouisants exercise “faith?” Faith in Obama’s world is the mere rebranding and repackaging of Saul Alinsky-esque secular humanistic pursuits, sans deity… making the notion of faith more palatable for sheeple who profess a neo-religious or non-religious world view.

The Shrill Kathy clearly loathes Christianity and this inane Union Leader Opposite Editorial suggests just that. The bulk of her diatribe is squarely aimed at Rick Perry, interlaced with pointed shots at Rick Santorum. The commonality? Both profess a faith-based world view and neither candidate is the current front-runner.

And for some gratuitous fun, the Shrill references a You Tube video where, one quips, “Rick Perry may believe in God, but I’ve seen his poll numbers and God does not believe in Rick Perry.” Yes. That is pithy. It is also the rank and file stock that candidates garner as a by-product of the national spotlight…perhaps even a statement of the individual who made the spoof… but hardly the viable data source subject to interpretation as some larger sentiment. But leave it to the shrill to go there.

Shrill Kathy reminds us that Perry was unable to remember the name of Justice Sotomayor, quipping, “There should be a mercy rule in politics that allows Rick Perry to exit the race now.” On that point, I might be inclined to agree and ask when we will see Obama’s exit. He can go back to one of the #57states and visit those #NavyCorpsemen returning from “Eye-Rack.” Talk about descent into caricature.

And a Shrill rant just isn’t a shrill rant without a lie. The Shrill says, “(Santorum) [L]ast week asserted that the food stamp program is not necessary…” Well, not really a true statement. The Shrill Kathy left out the part where Santorum stated,

“[I] would cut and cap spending on the food stamp program and put the money in block grants for states to individually administer.”

 Reasonable people would take this to imply Santorum thinks such programs are better administered at the local level than on the federal level.

Santorum then commented, “If hunger is a problem in America, then why do we have an obesity problem among the people who we say have a hunger problem?” The Shrill Kathy’s  judgment? An, “ignorant statement.”

The Shrill Kathy cites research from the University of Washington that found junk food costs less than fruits and vegetables and that lower-income folks bought less expensive, less healthy processed foods. Talk “make work” and a waste of money and resources. It takes neither research, nor rocket science to know this.

Personally, I have lost 121 pounds over the past year (unlike the Shrill Kathy who doesn’t appear to have lost any). Personally, my joints ached from being a fatty, so I am  glad to see she is fares better with extra poundage than I.   And in order to go from 347-pounds to my current 226 lbs I had to change what I ate. And what I ate meant an increase in food costs.  You should be quite happy, Shrill...think of all those farm subsidies hard at work. But I am glad your saving money Kathy, thrift is a virtue.  What kind of research is needed to know that a box of ten Devil Dogs and a half Gallon of Milk equals less than the cost of one box of six Kashi Go-Lean bars? And it took researchers to figure this out? One trip to the store is all that was needed.

The Federal Government, time after time has shown itself to be an abysmal failure and these programs are better-managed at the local level. Besides, where are all your big giant corporate liberal friends who run the Granola factories? When are they going to step up? A Red Herring, indeed…You just don’t like Santorum because he says “Jesus” (and not the same way and context you might say “Jesus “).

And if it were not enough to go after the current Republican Field, she fixes her sights on, “The Donald” for an inane attack. Trump may not be an American Icon on the level of Jefferson and Lincoln, but for all of his shortcomings and warts, Trump has created a hell of a lot more jobs in one day than any of the Shrill Kathy’s pals have in any given year. Leave it to the Shrill Kathy and her liberal pedantists pals with no higher purpose in mind than an anti-business, anti-capitalist world view.

The Shrill Kathy predicted a Carol-SEIU Porter win…She was wrong. The Shrill Kathy predicted a pick-up of seats in the 2010 election for her ilk. Again, she was wrong. Her predictions are more errant than those that are not. And those that are not, are not even her own. So why bother to write all this useless prattle? With so much time on her hands, the Shrill Kathy shakes the Chips A’hoy crumbs from out of her keyboard and goes to work…Being Shrill.