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What America Represents … Facing the End

What America represents is the freedom and opportunity to which all people should aspire. America is the nobility of our accomplishments in history. How far we have come from small groups in wooden boats.

Narratives or facts and truth

Narratives or Facts and Truth

Narratives or facts and truth; what’s the difference? The news media are projecting a “narrative”. The fact news people are doing narratives, that the word is part of the lexicon conveys a message. We are in trouble.

Joe Biden wink

Biden is a Hypocrite

Joe Biden is a hypocrite, he’s a Democrat and a nominal Catholic. The man touts his Catholic faith out of one side of his mouth. Out of the other side, he vows to crack down on nuns. The man can’t keep his story straight. But then again these days it probably isn’t his story anymore.