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Surrender Is Not an Option

Who are we? We are patriots. We are Americans. We are individuals dedicated to resisting tyranny, lies, and the propaganda of the media, high-tech companies, and voter fraud for what it is. We believe in the sanctity of the elections and the sanctity of life.

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Why Is the Left So Fearful Of Christians?”

In his Boston Herald op. ed. Column Focus on the Family president Jim Daly makes many valid points (“Why is the left so fearful of Christians?” April 25, 2021); but I would like to add one more.


NH Dem – Religious Liberty is Extremist!

The New Hampshire House passed a lot of bills this week that Democrats hate. They lowered taxes, blocked the funding of race-shaming programs, and tried to return a little religious liberty to the people. Democrat Rep. David Meuse has had enough of this and felt it was time to speak up.

alternatives to western civilization

Alternatives to Western Civilization … Give up Freedom

There are three types of alternatives to western civilization: scientism, sentimentalized “religion of humanity,” and Islam. Each of these competitors undermines liberty. The first two are internal and damaging to the West. The last is external and utterly incompatible. The common element among them is faith. “Scientism” is the various forms of socialist ideology with …

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