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So When Will Democrats Start Calling Me A Free Stater?

All Democrats have narratives.  New Hampshire Democrats are no different.  The typical left wing narrative is designed to brain wash you by using the media to repeat the latest chest-beating tantrum, using sound bites, puff pieces, editorials, and press releases, to create a long term perception disguised as truth.  Did I mention that New Hampshire …

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Old Establishment Scared…The Liberty Wing Needs To Double Down –

I just happen to know who thinks they are in charge. I know who pulled the levers that lead to the establishment coup. I’m just working out the details, putting the time line together. Chasing the money. It may take days or even weeks, but I’ll get it all worked out. and I will share it with you. I’m patient like that.

I’d Like To Thank New Hampshire’s Establishment Republicans

Speaking for myself, I’d like to say thank You. No, really. You have shown yourselves to be nothing more than the childish, backstabbing, power hungry hypocrites we all knew you were. You don’t care about the New Hampshire Republican party, you just care about who is running it and your place in the pecking order.