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A Typical Day In Mr. Buckley’s Neighborhood

Mr. McFeelyYesterday the Democrats were complaining about lost New Hampshire jobs, and today we learn that the destruction caused by hurricane Irene has wiped out hundreds more jobs in the Granite state.   So I suspect we should have no difficulty in finding all their vehement objections to remarks by left wing luminaries like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Paul Krugman, and others.  These folks have all insisted, in one way or another, that things like unemployment, food stamps, even destruction of public and private property, are good for the economy.  So using their metrics, these are things Democrats should not complain about unless they are actually bad for the economy.

So which is it Trotskyites?  Is it good or bad? 

What I find even more amusing is that the Democrats are blaming budget cuts for the job losses. No kidding.  The alternative was to take more of other peoples hard earned dollars out of a lousy economy–made more lousy by the same kind of people who say things like unemployment and food stamps are good for the economy.  Their response to every issue is to take more of your money, and to never give it back.

Then there is the matter of why the budget had to be cut to begin with?  It could have something to do with the absence of one time money and the accumulation of debt spending by the democrat majority legislature.  You see, they tired to create something out of nothing with the expectation that when the time came, they could just tax you to pay for what we could never really afford.  You figured that out, voted them out of office, and the result is fiscal sanity and a budget that does not spend money it does not have.

Were jobs lost?  They sure were. But that is the fault of democrats who created or sustained them with money they knew would not be there next time.  So who do you blame?  The person that is telling you the truth (the Republicans) or the people who lied to you (the Democrats)?

The Democrats are responsible for those lost jobs because they were dishonest about the revenues available to support them.  They ordered more from the menu, spent more for the meal, then tried to stick you with the tab.  When you refuse to pay their bill they start pointing fingers at everyone but themselves. And they are just being hypocrites (hypocrats) about everything else.  They always want to have it both ways.  So it’s just a typical Day in Mr. Buckley’s neighborhood.


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