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When Homeland Security Becomes Racist


“Every Muslim, the minute he can start differentiating, carries hate towards Americans, Jews, and Christians; this is part of our ideology. Ever since I can recall I felt at war with the Americans and had feelings of animosity and hate toward them…” –Usama Bin Laden, December, 1998 on Al Jazeera

From across the fruited plain come the hues and cries yet again declaring, “racism and bigotry!” Isn’t free speech a real gem?

A former New York State prison official gave testimony Wednesday at a second Homeland Security hearing in Washington asserting that radical Islam is making in-rows into the American penal system. In a report by Fox News, A New York prisons official testified that radical Muslims have made “sustained efforts” to indoctrinate inmates in America, at a second hearing on Islamic radicalization held by Rep. Peter King.

 And as with King’s first hearings held on back in March, Wednesday’s hearing was just as fraught with cacophonous protests and cries of racism. Representative Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi and ranking Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, says, “The threat of terrorism from U.S. converts in prison is ‘small.'” Enter Laura Richardson, a liberal, Kool-Aid drinking Democrat from California who suggested the hearing was “racist,” further asking why Muslims in prisons are being targeted as opposed to other religious or ethnic minorities,” reports Fox News.

 An imam who works as a chaplain in a county jail on Long Island was one such protestor of the King Homeland Security hearing. says this imam, “I have seen no evidence of terrorist recruitment at the jail.” Yet this “peace-loving” imam goes on to tell Fox News, “If we found anyone in our community committing an act of terrorism, by the time the police got there the matter would be settled and there would be one less terrorist,” can you feel the brotherly love?

 So, what did the cops all have to say?

 Patrick Dunleavy, a retired corrections official in New York told the committee that radical Muslims have been trying to convert U.S. inmates to their cause for decades. “Despite appearances, prison walls are porous. Individuals and groups that subscribe to radical Islamic ideology have made sustained efforts to target inmates for indoctrination.”

 Former California federal prosecutor Kevin Smith cited the cases of Kevin James and Levar Washington, who both plead guilty in 2007 to “conspiracy to levy war against the United States through terrorism.”

Smith characterized the actions of both men as a “seditious conspiracy” hatched inside California’s prison system.

 Top Los Angeles Police Department official Michael Downing, described the radical Islamic conversions as a “phenomena of low volume,” but holds “high consequence” considering the sheer size of the U.S. prison population.  “We do have a problem,” he said. “Prisons are communities at risk.” 

Liberals calling the hearing racist while minimizing and discounting the net effect of radical islam do not ever answer the $64,000 question: “How many religious Islamic radicals does it take to kill 2,973 people, destroy billions in property and infrastructure, injure and make sick over six-thousand people, not to mention the economic costs realized in the wake of 911? It took only nineteen.

What kind of credibility does an imam have who articulates a willingness to take the law into his own hands if he were to discover terrorist activities by one of his brethren? That message is clear: violence is not off the table.

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (and a devote Muslim) tells the committee:

“This is not a left versus right issue or a case of infringement on the rights of a minority. This needs to be a serious assessment of the threat posed to our national security. The course of Muslim radicalization in the United States over the past two years makes it exceedingly difficult for anyone to assert with a straight face that in America we Muslims do not have a radicalization problem…”(read Dr. Jassers full testimony here)

Abdirizak Bihi is Director of the Somali Education and Social Advocacy Center in Minneapolis. He is a Muslim and also the uncle of Burhan Hassan testified,

“The only visible voices we hear are voices that are propped up by certain organizations (such as CAIR), and those organizations continue to deny the real facts and voices of the communities by claiming that no problem exists, though we continue to face problems such as the radicalization of our vulnerable youth, a growing trend of human trafficking and  increasing youth violence. We regret the silencing and intimidation faced by leaders and activists who dare to speak out on the real challenges that keep our youth and community vulnerable to radicalization. Burying our heads in the sand will not make this problem go away…”(Read Mr. Bihi’s full testimony here

Earth to Laura Richardson and all of your liberal ilk: While you insist calling these hearings “racist”, perhaps the rest of us can assume that you are preferable to a reactive approach to the situation as opposed to a more proactive approach? This is a problem. Key American Muslim leaders tell us so. Will you all say they are lying? When Homeland Security Becomes racist in seeking to protect its’ citizens from people who wage war on us in the pretext of Islam, those who decry racism are mere cowards and fools who are burying their heads in the sand and not acknowledging a very real and credible threat.


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