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New Obamacare Regulations “Pamphlet” preview?

New%20Obama%20care%20regulations.jpgThe Obama administration announces the publication of the Comrade Citizens Rules and Regulations for complying with the new patient affordable care act, also known as Obama care. 

This government "pamphlet" includes all the rules and regulations you as a citizen will need to understand before you attempt to engage in the act of ‘health care.’

Note: Rules specific to insurers and health care providers are not included.  Government contact information is available separately online.

The federal government is not responsible for any injury caused by carrying or moving the"pamphlet."

Failure to obtain a copy may result in fines or imprisonment.  Consult page 1,268,435 for specific requirements.

Contents subject to the whim of the minister Secretary of Health of Human services

 Subject to change without notice. 

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