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Right To Work Override

If Exxon Mobil demanded $50.00 per month from all its employees, every month, to pay for benefits and it’s political action agenda, the left would sh** kittens, protest, threaten, attack, invade, and engage in a well funded, partisan series of lawsuits until the company was forbidden from using that money for any political activity.

Tell me I’m wrong you democrat and union hypocrites. (Except for the kittens of course, I am 100% right.  The kittens were a rhetorical device. you’d actually be spitting while you hurled hateful remarks.)

But unions are a big business and they extort money for their political agenda.  They do not care what you think or if you object.  They demand it.  They protest in favor of their ability to continue to do it.  They insist that taxpayers finance it in Public unions then expect it to be tax deductible for their members to boot.  And no one should be allowed to opt out of paying fealty for their political agenda.  If you try to suggest that is as unjust as my Exxon example, they threaten and intimidate you and accuse you of wanting to hurt workers families.


So here’s the deal.  Right to work removes the union mandate that forces you to pay dues.  It allows you to refuse to participate in whatever it is the Union is selling.  You get a choice and you don’t have to give up a job to make that choice.   The union should also be under no obligation to offer anything to you under those terms if you opt out.  That’s choice.

So you might want to ask why the unions wanted to remove any protective language that would ensure they did not have to cover or represent people who did not pay dues? Why would they do that? They want to be able to demand payment of their tax on every worker.

They don’t want workers rights.  They never did.  They want fealty and tribute.  Right to work doesn’t destroy unions nor does it hurt workers, it removes dues extortion–the mandated tax on your income for their agenda.  But if you want to pay it, you still can.  But not if the Right to work veto is not overridden. That would allow the selective extortion by Union bosses to continue.

Override the Lynch Veto.  Give workers real rights.


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