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Union Leader Hit’s It Out Of The Park

This Union Leader Editorial in today’s paper does exactly what we should all be doing.  Pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of democrats who ignore actions by their Democrat governor.

 It used to be that the “essential” level of funding for state health and social services was whatever the commissioner of Health and Human Services said it was. That is no more. Now it’s somewhere higher than whatever number Republicans propose.

Gov. John Lynch proposed in February a budget that spent $621 million less on health and human services than the commissioner said he needed simply to maintain current levels of service.

Had a Republican made precisely the same proposal, the Hitler comparisons would still ring from homeless shelters to mental health centers across the state. But St. John the Indecisive earns no such scorn.

That is saved for Republicans, who this week used their sharpened blades to pare another $209 million from Health and Human Services. Suddenly, inhumanity is on the march in Concord.

And yet Republicans in the House Ways and Means Committee did exactly what Democrats said not so long ago that they should do: make cuts line by line, with surgical precision, not by swinging a big, blunt ax. (…)

Yes, they made deep cuts.

But that’s what they were elected to do. Everyone complains about politicians who don’t have the backbone to make tough choices. It’s refreshing to see some who do.


H/T Union O’Leader