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Lynch Lied

Breaking The Addiction To Government

So is John Lynch’s ‘recovery’ built on a foundation of one time money from Washington to expand the role of government? That would be a yes. The Norelli/Larsen/Lynch combine took the company credit card, bought a bunch of goods and services from themselves in the form of more government, and are now left with more mouths to feed and a huge recurring annual bill for which there is no revenue.

Lynch Lied….On Parental Notification

Governor Lynch’s final statement on the matter was that he could find no circumstance in which parents should be involved. That every instance of pregnancy, regardless of age, was one of “those cases” where parental notification “is not possible.”

Lynch Updates

Swing on over to to check out some of the most recent ‘lies.’  There’s a new one posted that is near and dear to my heart.  (I’ve been talking about it for years) It reminds us that John Lynch’s support of RGGI is a broad based tax that has sucked 25 million dollars out …

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Lynch Lies Some More

He lied about the confab being for campaign contributions, he lied about the deficit and spending, he lied about balancing the budget, the "surplus" meme is a lie in the context with which he’s applied it, he stood for parental rights then shot them down, he said he was against broad based taxes but signed …

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Lynch Lied – “The Parental Notification Edition”

Prior to being against parental notification all together, John Lynch was happy to lie to his constituents about his stand and there’s proof.  I was recently sent the text of a letter* from Governor John Lynch to a New Hampshire resident who expressed some concerns about his position on Parental Notification prior to the passage …

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