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The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

This from the "Pot calling the kettle black" files: Ray Buckley is grinding his little Facebook propaganda mill again in an effort to get the liberal-regressive’s to put down the latte’s and lose the sad little faces from the implosion of Obama’s partisan, moonbeam,  Che Guevara cotillion and get their little rumps in gear to save his chairmanship.

This weeks episode: Citizens United destroyed campaign finance law because the democrats are (according to Buckley) being outspent 8 to 1.  The real problem is that others can now compete with unions and the lefts monster cash apparatus and Ray is just whining about the sudden appearance of real equality.

All one needs to do is sell their soul to a billionaire or industry that will spend millions destroying their opponent. That way the candidate will have only one master instead of those peksy constituents and $100 donors. But my point isn’t to state the obvious it is to slam the progressives unwilling to help.

And Ray would know all about that which is what makes this just so…damn…funny. So I’m clear on the hypocrisy part, (and by the way, when Republicans line up to object to liberal billionaire ATM’s that’s just nonsense) but I do have one question for Ray.  What is a "peksy" constituent?

To get to the heart of the matter, this is actually just as an extension of the latest DNC narrative to work the Koch Brothers angle to impugn a system they have themselves been abusing almost exclusively for years.  (You think hell hath no fury like a woman who has lost her reproductive freedom, try a liberal who has lost their significant cash advantage.)  So Ray is following directions from the mother ship (insert stupid new DNC logo here.)   But it gives us an opportunity to ask about that AG investigation into how the White House may have illegally accessed the private tax records of the Koch Brothers for political gain. (oops).  Nothing like White House liberals violating federal law (again) for political extortion.  Is there another stack of FBI files in the West Wing we should know about?  

I hope the White House staffers didn’t have to dig for too long into private IRS records to find a mole they can whack.  But they figure there has to be one becasue a few rich liberals have been putting up Non-Profits and 527’s faster than a fast food franchise, to funnel billions from their select group of elitist progressives into the democrat campaign apparatus.  They’d do it so the opposition must have as well.

That’s not hypocritical at all, right– it’s just left wing Alinsky politics.  Shout down legitimate complaints about democrat donors, complain about Citizen United destroying campaign finance laws, then violate some other law to find someone to isolate and attack on the other side so you can get new legislation to restore your cash advantage.  Ray’s not one to object–it’s for the cause after all.

Of course who can possibly compete with George Soros, the Phoenix Group of 70 Millionaire/billionaire left wingers, or even just a few hundred gay-lobby  millionaires at a secret lunch in Chicago with governor John Lynch.

Oops.  Did I just say John Lynch may have sold his soul so…"the candidate will have only one master instead of those ‘peksy’ constituents and $100 donors." (?)  That puzzle piece fits real well with what Ray is whining about.  "Completes the picture," might be a better way to phrase it.

I think that’s called irony Ray.  Not that you care about the irony, or the hypocrisy.  But it is amusing to watch you complain while ignoring what you and your own party does daily.  It’s the glue that holds the straw men together.