The Congresswoman From EMILY's List - Granite Grok

The Congresswoman From EMILY’s List

Carol's AmendmentsWould you sacrifice the constitutional right to self defense for the privilege of abortion?  Carol Shea-Porter would.  She doesn’t want you to be able to resist her beloved federal government, but we must have abortion.

Would you give up the right to free speech and the right to redress just so you could terminate the life of an unborn baby?  Carol Shea Porter tried to stifle political speech but she’s all in for abortion, paid for by you, anywhere one is needed, whether you like it or not.

Would you give up your state or national sovereignty just in case you needed to abort a fetus instead?  Carol Shea-Porter has systematically worked to destroy states rights, and refuses to defend the borders or stop illegal immigrants who kill American’s and invade our nation, but she takes money from groups Like EMILY’s list to ensure all abortions all the time.

Would you give up the right to property or the rule of law just so a woman–if she, you know, made a mistake–could scrape an unborn child from the wall of her uterus?  Carol Shea-Porter stood silent while bond holders were screwed by the Obama administration and believes the law that is the US Constitution must bend (or even break) whenever it obstructs her will or that of her party.  But whatever you do, don’t suggest abstinence as a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, or object to her paying for abortions with your money.

I guess when Carol Shea-Porter took office she swore to defend her special interest donors before the constitution and the people.  That’s how she’s legislated.  That’s how she’s voted.  That’s who she is.  She’s not an independent voice.  She’s not even her own voice.