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The Gay Marriage Report Card

“I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.” —Arnold Schwarzenegger Roughly Sixty days out from national elections means people are beginning to take notice of what the politicians are saying about a whole host of issues fiscal and social. Chief among issues is the hot button of gay marriage.  Presently, if …

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Anyone Know Where Governor Lynch Was Last Weekend?

I’m wondering where New Hampshire’s governor was between the 3rd and 6th of March 2011? Was he somewhere in New Hampshire, or off on other business? Maybe dropping off a Hallmark card of thanks? The donors from Political Outgiving ponied up about 10% of the Lynch campaign haul for 2010. Sometimes an email or a phone call just isn’t enough.

Reuters Headline: What The?

Reuters is referring to DOMA, the defense of marriage act, which is not an anti-gay marriage law. It does not prevent a state from passing a same sex marriage law. It is a federal law that allows states to define marriage for themselves and does not require them to recognize any form of marriage which the majority of that states residents may object to.

More Gay Lobby Lunch Money For Lynch

Lynch has only raised 1.12 Million for the general election with his own loans. Take the loans out and he only has 350,000.00 from sources other than his own checkbook. Thirty five percent of whats left is from one special interest; gay marriage activists from Tim Gill’s Political Out Giving, the group he secretly slithered off to, to give a luncheon speech back in May.

Target (ing) Gaypocrisy

Target donated money to a pro business PAC, which donated money to a Minnesota Candidate that makes the Gay activists less than merry.  (Can’t exactly say less gay can I?).  And since the "x degrees of fiscal separation" rule is only relevant to anything to the right of Trotsky, the Gender Confusion Corps (pronounced "corpse") …

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I Will Not Boycott Target For Supporting A Conservative

If you are not aware, some gay activists are protesting Target because they donated money to a conservative candidate.  Almost immediately, a Facebook page emerged named"’I Will Not Boycott Target For Supporting A Conservative Candidate." It is up to over 10,000 fans as I write this.  I think that might be more than the number …

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Two Of A Kind

John Lynch has a lot in common with governor Chet Culver of Ohio.  Chet said he would protect marriage as between a man and a woman and then Chet got all squishy.  Then he stood by and let the courts define marriage for him. Want to know some other interesting coincidences?  Chet was receiving money from …

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Lynch’s Missing 18 minutes

Do the people of New Hampshire realize that they have a governor who runs off in the cover of darkness to secret meetings with wealthy special interests, giving speeches about who knows what?  Do they know that money from many of these well heeled millionaires he just happened to be meeting with in secret has …

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Ray’s Gay ATM

 Ray must think people are stupid.  Well of course he does.  Just days after he worked hard to get Carol Shea Porter and Paul Hodes selected to receive out of state gay lobby money;  just days after a June 23rdfiling showed a prominent Gay millionaire funneling money into the NHDP through HRC New Hampshire; not long …

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