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Will You Kneel Before The Government?

Kneel Before Zod!I was watching the online web cast of Hillsdale College’s commemoration of the Kirby Center (on Constitution Day) in Washington DC, and Dr. Charles Kessler of Claremont McKenna College.  Dr. Kessler is a constitutional scholar and early on in his speech he makes the following observation about the current clash between the government and the people, and the rise of the Tea Party

‘Either the government will have to kneel to the people….or the people will have to kneel to the government.’

We should think about that because Dr. Kessler is correct.



Think about the direction of government under democrat rule and Obama.  Spending billions of your dollars to build up their political base; furthering the development of a dependent underclass; ignoring the will of the people and disguising that–as Carol Shea-Porter is trying to do now –as doing things on principle even when it is not popular; and why would subjugation be popular?  The massive expansion of the bureaucracy, corporate socialism, using the unions as foot soldiers and a permanent propaganda campaign run as a political arm of the chief executive, coordinating with left wing NGO’s and the liberal media.

This is a concerted effort to ensure that government wins this battle.

The entire agenda of the democrat party is geared towards making sure that when the clash is complete, you and I, and all of America, will have to kneel to the will of the government.  That we will kneel to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, to Barack Obama and his czars and cabinet of ministers. That we will relinquish responsibility for ourselves to them.

Is it not obvious that Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes are nothing more than another vote to ensure that the people kneel first?  Is it not obvious that at the state level we find a microcosm of the federal agenda–to build up debt, to regulate, and to drive the people like sheep into giving up their property and their authority, to the government?

So will you kneel?   Will you kneel before the will of the government?  Or will you vote to deny them the power to subjugate you.  Will you vote to turn out the democrats, to remove the elitists of all stripes, and begin the process of ensuring that at some day in the not to distant future, the government will once more kneel before the will of the people?

November is coming.