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We’ll Have A Gay Old Time

Tim GillIt should be common knowledge that Governor Lynch attended a secret gay-donor confab in Chicago back in May.  But no one was supposed to know.  I got wind of it when I received an article from the Washington Blade that questioned the secrecy. (A repost of that blog can be found here)  And only now, two months later, it is finally showing up locally at the Keene Sentinel.

Of course the Sentinel seemed more concerned with the group and our governors evolution on the issue; his shift from what they call ambivelance to outward embrace of gay marriage.  But why not report this meaningful embrace back in May when it happened?  Seems like he could have used a lift after that beating he took from the National Organization for Marriage.  Was it too secret an embrace?  So secret that the no one wanted it known?  Was governor Lynch afraid to come out of the gay donor closet?

He was, and for good reason.

He went to Political OutGiving, Tim Gill’s coalition of donors, to help convince governor O’Malley of Maryland that he too could change his civil union only stance into support for gay marriage, and that Political OutGiving would very likley back him and his state party apparatus financially in 2010 if he promised to try, just like they did in New Hampshire in 2006 and then 2008 when they flipped John Lynch.

They probably also promised to continue backing Lynch and the party in 2010 through the various gay donor money funnels already in place here in New Hampshire.  HRC NH, the Democrat governors association of NH, and donations directly to the party have all been moving quietly into the hands of Ray Buckley and the state party coffers from any number of PAC’s or groups.  (Here, Here and Here for starters)

The Sentinel mentions this strategy, noting how the Gill Foundation and Political OutGiving works its "magic," and even suggests an advantage to Lynch in getting out of state money by being there, but never takes it further.  It’s another admission of secrecy first of all, and second he and the party have benefitted since 2006 from these donors and the Secretary of States Election Division has the proof for anyone that cares to look.

And then there’s the speech.  Here we are, two months after the event, and the press release page of the Governor’s state web page still does not include the text of the speech our embattled governor gave before some 200 deep pocketed gay lobby donors with an agenda that focuses on buying up state elections to advance their agenda.  

Isn’t that the embrace that really matters?  

Our governor went to the secret Gay Donor Confab to sell his flip flop model to another governor, and to pay proper tribute to the millionaire gay lobby activists in hopes they might help him and his party keep the corner office in Concord in return. 

Remember, Gay Marriage failed in the House.  They had to strong arm enough democrats into voting for it a second time.  It barely passed.  That’s not your voice and it never was. It’s political OutGiving’s money and influence on a party and legislative leadership known for its agressive tacics within its own caucus.  And I think they used it to convince Lynch the way Lynch went to help them convince the governor of Maryland.  With money.

No matter what your position on the issue of civil unions or gay marriage, you need to be more concerned about the willingness of democrats to secretly funnel bucketloads of special interest cash into the state to affect local elections and issues.  You need to accept that when John Lynch and the NHDP cry foul about out of state money, they are guilty of it themselves and have been for years. 

And for two months our governor has been hiding his secret Chicago rendevous with those same people who have been sending that money to New Hampshire for years.  That is a much bigger problem for the state of New Hampshire than whether or not we should have Gay Marriage.