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ONE! Singular Deception…

ONE -- Big deceptionThe ONE campaign is back in New Hampshire and looking for fresh souls to trap in its twisted web of deception.  While liberals are always ripe for a sob story ONE is always looking for unsuspecting so-called conservatives and republicans to call friend.  And the GOP is easy pray.  After years of being framed by the media as cold-hearted war mongers who spend long days smoking cigars and oppressing the worlds poor for the gain of their corporate paymasters, nothing looks better to them than being seen with a group like ONE campaign. 

Unless of course you’ve seen the Black Widow waiting at the center of the ONE web.

The ONE campaign is a media darling, politician attracting, anti-poverty organization that held a  confab at Saint Anselm college, earlier this year and whose fundamental purpose should make anyone on the political right want to puke in their boots. 

How to break this gently.  Remember Senator Barack Obama’s 2007 Senate Bill S 2433?  That bill would require the US government to tax a percentage of total US GDP every year to fight global poverty.  Obama wrote the bill to satisfy his socialist desire to redistribute America’s wealth through federal legislation, to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG).  ONE campaign is part and parcel to that mission.

Here’s where Obama’s bill gets its roots– courtesy of MDG monitor.

8.1 Net ODA, total and to the least developed countries, as percentage of OECD/DAC donors’ gross national income.


MDG’s objectives run contrary to most if not all conservative principles, cloaked in warm and fuzzy third world initiatives.  That’s not to say that some of the objectives are morally bad, or that most of the people associated directly see the contradictions, but what people think they are doing by supporting—or being seen to support—groups like ONE, ONE vote, and any of the other social justice organizations, is giving them credibility and expanding their reach.  What they want sounds good, but how they want to do it is simply Anti-American.

And ONE is just the culmination of some Social Justice Groups peddling poverty and advancing the UN’s Millennium Development program.

 Is it a big deal?  It is.

ONE brags about how it, in conjunctions with Global Call To Action Against Poverty (GCAP), milked a promise of 25 Billion from western countries to advance their efforts.   GCAP is at the top of the list of non UN groups pushing the MDG and proud of it.  Groups that Senator Obama was prepared to fund through federal legislation and a mandatory tax on American GDP, whether we liked it or not. 

That bill never got out of committee but the effort has not ceased.  Groups like ONE continue to attract politicians who want to be seen as or associated with “ending poverty,” and working “with them” to develop goals (legislation) that will eventually tax gross national income and divert that wealth into the UN’s social justice initiatives.  It’s ONE of their goals.

And US politicians continue to propose bills to that end.  In 2009 US House Rep Adam Smith D-WA took up Obama’s spear of redistribution and sponsored HR 2639, The Global Poverty Act of 2009, for the purpose of  promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal…” 

I’m sure there’s a 2010 version brewing somewhere as well.  And I know Obama has not stopped wanting it.  But to facilitate the smoke screen groups like ONE campaign, in conjunction with organizations like GCAP and others, have to work on the political will, cloaked with high profile celebrity endorsements, focusing on poverty, without revealing the contradictions. 

And Republicans fall for it. 

But their agenda is more than it appears to be.  And they have no problem hiding behind world hunger and environmental justice to advance their socialist redistributive solutions.

Conservatives understand that the only thing that lifts people out of poverty is a stable government committed to rule of law, the right to own property, the right to self defense, free markets and open trade, and some form of representative government.   These are things we should support and strive for.  But the UN MDG does none of these things, nor do they or the associated groups (Like ONE) seem to desire them.   And why would they?  The despots and dictators who crowd around the UN feeder only want  money from rich nations, not the guidelines needed to become a rich nation. That might empower their people to better themselves with a change of government.  Instead they want to balance out global wealth and resources through social justice programs; taxing  the US and other rich nations to disadvantage them for their own benefit.  But without fundamental rights, protected by rule of law, no amount of money will solve the problems that ONE claims to be fighting.

So if you were at a ONE event, or are thinking about associating with them you might want to start working on some form of plausible deniability.  ONE  seeks to assist the UN who seek to divert wealth (Social Justice), institute global environmental regulations through the control of CO2 emissions, collect fines for offsetting so-called environmental destruction caused by rich countries (environmental justice), as well as implementing every UN world treaty including the rights of the child, rights to development, UN education mandates, international Human rights laws, and even a global ban on hand guns if they can swing it.  

And you thought you were just arming yourself with something to paint over that left wing picture of the cigar-smoking GOP capitalist pig by shining up your “feed the hungry” creds?  You’ve been framed.

ONE campaign is a poison pill for conservatives, libertarians, and small government republicans, and you’d do well to keep your distance in the future.



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