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Blofeld's cat from From Russia With Love

Supervillain Bill Gates Wants to “Block-Out” the Sun

Bill Gates has so much money he may actually have an underground lair. Carved into the bedrock beneath his mansion or on some remote island he owns through shell companies. Where technicians and guards wearing matching uniforms (with different colored stripes) hurry along roughly hewn tunnels to do his bidding.

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“Global Warming” Bad, But, But Record Global Crop Yields!

Most of the world’s agriculture is only possible thanks to fossil fuels and, as it turns out, global warming. How convenient is that? While complaining about the heat and the failure of an energy grid dominated by idiot leftist ideas, California is setting records for crop yield.

Floating Wind farm

Harvard: Wind Turbines Warm the Planet

It’s no secret – at least around here – that wind power is an incredibly dirty energy source. The meager output and life expectancy can’t begin to abate the destruction required to make and dispose of them. They kill birds, bats, and now, according to Harvard, they warm the planet.