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Lynch’s Missing 18 minutes

Where's the Speech?Do the people of New Hampshire realize that they have a governor who runs off in the cover of darkness to secret meetings with wealthy special interests, giving speeches about who knows what? 

Do they know that money from many of these well heeled millionaires he just happened to be meeting with in secret has been finding its way into the state in large donations for years?

Are they familiar with the protestations from the governor and the democrat leadership about the ills of out of state money and political influence?

They should be.

They also deserve to know what was in the speech their governor gave to 200 wealthy special interest donors.  But it’s missing.  It’s as if it didn’t even exist.

Doesn’t New Hampshire have a right to know what their Governor was up to at the Political OutGiving confab?  Or is your position that they do not deserve to know?

Shouldn’t we work together John?  We don’t want outsiders meddling in our affairs do we John?  Isn’t that what you said? New Hampshire works best when we work together right?

Or does it work better with 200 wealthy special interest out of state donors at a secret conference in Chicago?  That sounds like meddling to me.

It’s been 58 days.  Where are your missing "18 minutes" Mr. Lynch?  Where’s the text of that  speech Governor? It was just a luncheon speech, right?  Or are you hiding something else?