"Deem" Them Voted Out Of Office - Granite Grok

“Deem” Them Voted Out Of Office

If Paul and Carol ‘Deem’ anything passed.  If they allow the Senate bill to self execute.  If they vote on anything that moves the Senate bill from the House, they have voted for everything in the Senate bill by default. 

The President can then sign the Senate bill, while the side car dies in the Senate.  Obama gets the corrupt hand out riddled, economy killing reform, and the House gets to swing in the breeze.  And no, he doesn’t give a damn about house democrats.  Never did.  They are beneath him.  Useful idiots.  A term that suits Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter quite nicely. 

And they can’t claim to have not voted for the Senate bill because that bill cannot leave the house without their authority, regardless of how they execute that authority; or more to the point how they abrogate their authority to stop it.  A parliamentary trick still requires a vote.
“Self execute” has such an ironic ring to it. 

So why don’t we just ‘deem’ them impeached, retired, or simply voted out of office?

Note:   If Hodes and Shea-Porter get the boot in November, their pensions and Health Care won’t have vested.  No taxpayer-dollars-for-life if you have not put in at least five years of service in congress.  If that’s not an incentive what is?