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Ed Mosca

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There Is Dumb … And Then There Is Sherry Frost Dumb

There is dumb and then there is Sherry Frost dumb. The vast majority of deaths and hospitalizations reported as due to COVID involve a comorbidity, and obesity is the most frequent comorbidity. From CNBC, anything but a conservative bastion:

Kyle Rittenhouse (on th eground) Screen grab video care of NYP

Rep. Nicole Klein Knight’s (At Best) Appalling Ignorance

As a preliminary matter, I am aware that Rep. Nicole’s tweet appeared in a post by another author regarding her and other NH-Democrats’ reactions to the Rittenhouse verdict. But I think it is worth taking a deeper look at Rep. Nicole’s tweet.

Capitol Police Storm Troopers

Big SIEG For The COVIDians … Austria Locks Down the Unvaccinated

So … in order to prevent Austrians from becoming infected with COVID, the Austrian government is locking down Austrians who have not taken a vaccine that does NOT protect you from being infected with COVID or transmitting COVID to others: Still think this has or ever had anything to do with “public health”? “The Party …

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Generals Bolduc and Flynn

NH-NeverTrumpJournal Continues to Push Russia Collusion Hoax

In a recent post insulting and ridiculing General Bolduc, New Hampshire’s NeverTrumpJournal also went after General Flynn: And his most recent campaign event headlined disgraced former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Seriously … “disgraced”?