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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson is Right about the Unwillingness of the Left to Engage in Debate

I never had much use for Carlson early in his career but started to pay half attention when his show started. Why? Liberals would come on his show expecting to steamroll him and found themselves getting eviscerated in the space of seconds by asking them simple (but foundational) questions about what they were spewing.

Obama Middle Finger

From Russiagate with Love- It’s Obamagate

The tables are slowly turning as more documents and transcripts become public. Russiagate is becoming Obamagate. And, ironically, because of the place where this all began. The effort to frame Mike Flynn started the slow roll of Rusian collusion, and Obama knew all about that.

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The Democrat’s Transgender Murder “Epidemic” is a Myth

So many lies so little time but we’re trying to catch up. Liz Warren, apparently, made a big deal at one of those Dem Debates about the murder rate for transgender (women of color). Pete Buttigieg got on board too. No data. Just emotion. Crisis! As usual, they were full of it.

woorkers vs looters right enemy wrong enemy dan mitchell

Re-framing: Workers vs. Looters

Last night’s Tucker Carlson show included a spot with Nomiki Konst, a former Bernie Sanders’ surrogate.  Tucker started off with this challenge: “Name one proposal in the Green New Deal that you’re aware of that would not increase the power of the Democratic party.”  What followed was not a debate about policies, but rather, a …

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