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Why China Will Have to Cave to Trump on Tariffs and Trade

China has again said it’s ready to come to the trade table. That sounds good but we can’t know what that means until it happens. And no one goes in giving in, you always ask for more than you think you might get. But what does China have that Trump wants?

The purpose of history is to be the glue of a nation's society.

International monetary policy going for gold

The following article appears at American Thinker. It was written by Nathan Williamson, August 2, 2019. It is interesting because it describes the situation surrounding the U.S. dollar, debt and trade. Read it to understand what some of our not so friendly creditors are saying and doing. Recently, the gold standard has received some …

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Mexico Signs Agreement – New Tariffs Indefinitely Suspended

If you pay attention to these things, then you’ll know who freaked out when President Trump threatened tariffs against Mexico over border security. The Media, Democrats, some Senate Republicans, and all the other usual suspects. End of the world, economy doomed, relations ruined, none of that happened.

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A Look at the Post Trump-Kim Summit – And Why Trump Came Out Ahead

You could go blind trying to read all the reporting on the Vietnam Summit before, after, pro, and con. Put Simply, the Media and the left, Neocons, Never-Trumpers, world leaders, China, and even North Korea were ready for Trump to give in. Just like every American President before him. He did not. And it changes …

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