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Trump Announces Japan’s New 40 Billion Dollar Investment in US Manufacturing

Trump Rally Green Bay

As promised Mr. Trump took a pass on the White House Correspondents Dinner and held a big beautiful rally instead. It was a monster event in Green Bay, Wisconsin. At which he announced Japan’s promise to invest 40 billion dollars to expand manufacturing in the US.

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Building cars.

“Toyota is coming in with $14 billion dollars. Many, many companies are coming in. And they’re coming in, frankly, to Michigan. They’re coming back, they want to be back, to Ohio, to Pennsylvania, to North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and what’s the name of this special place – it’s called Wisconsin.” 

“So they’ll be investing shortly and it’s started already, $40 billion with a b, $40 billion dollars, and it’ll be a lot more than that,” Trump said.

The US government isn’t taking 40 billion from you and I and investing it in things they think we want. Someone with an expectation of a higher return is investing 40 billion in manufacturing in the United States to compete for our dollars. Money that will create jobs that inject dollars into local economies for years to come.

Living wages. Food for families to put on their kitchen tables. What else do Democrats say?

It’s an investment that will also add to the tax base, which should make the grow-government crowd happy. But it won’t.

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