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How About a World Government with a New Currency?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said this week that Joe Biden can be manipulated. Joe Biden is already in the process of turning his political agenda hard left. And she intends to move him in a more Leftist direction. All they have to do is get him elected. Stay with me here.

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More Bad News for Democrats: Trump Wasn’t Just Right About China

It is difficult to find something Donald Trump has said, done, or suggested that Democrats have not contradicted or equated with impending doom. It’s so bad that there jokes about asking The Donald to oppose the Second Amendment or support abortion so we can watch Democrats reflexively do the opposite.

President Trump Has Brought Prosperity to America and We Must Protect It

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has at last rolled her Sisyphean boulder of impeachment to the top of Capitol Hill. There it teeters, awaiting a flick of Mitch McConnell’s finger to send it careening back down, squashing every 2020 Democrat hopeful in its path. The Speaker is like a bank robber, who, holding a …

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Trump Winning: US and China To Sign Phase 1 Trade Deal Today

If only Nixon could go to China, perhaps only Trump could get them to revisit trade. It’s not a stretch. No one has made any serious effort to insist on a better deal for the United States. But today, President Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu are scheduled to sign the phase 1 agreement.

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Shouldn’t a Debate Impart Information to the Audience?

We had a national debate with the Democrat candidates for president. Shouldn’t a debate impart information to the audience? Shouldn’t it be more than a chance to up the name recognition by having a moderator call your name repeatedly on national TV?