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Black Unemployment hits Another Record Low White NH Democrats Have Nothing to Say

It's okay for Black Americans to support trump

We’ve been watching this story for nearly two years, and it keeps getting better. Black unemployment began hitting record lows in early 2018, dropping to 6.6 percent. Last month it hit 5.4 percent — the lowest in almost fifty years.

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October also set a record for black men above the age of 20, with a rate of 5.1 percent.

The previous record low of 5.3 percent was set in 1973. October’s unemployment rate for black women over 20 was 4.8 percent.

That happens because the government got out of the way.

“If I would have said during the campaign that I would create 6.7 million new jobs since the election, these people would have gone crazy. They would have said horrible things. They would have said it’s impossible,” Trump said.

“Unemployment has reached the lowest rate in over 51 years, soon to be historic. African-American unemployment just dropped to the low.

Why would the guy the Dems insist is a racist want to brag about setting employment records for black Americans? Because he’s not a racist. He loves America and all Americans, and he believes (as we do) that if we can get the swampy DC handmaidens out of the way and leave more money in the hands of job creators, they will create jobs.

And they did.

More to the Story

There is more to tell. Let me illustrate with two points.

First, I’ll use senior NH Democrat US Senator Jeanne Shaheen as an example. There is no news remotely recent on her Senate page about black unemployment, record low black unemployment, record low unemployment, or anything related to black employment. 

shaheen black unemployment no hits

We just told you America has been setting employment records for black Americans for almost two years. Democrats have nothing to say about that. It seems like an important subject for the Left given their claim to care more about the needs and interests of Black Americans.

We should assume Democrats don’t care about them finding employment in record numbers or how this might improve their lives. And no, none of them are talking about it.

Second, Democrats, including Jeanne Shaheen (Mags Hassan, Chris Pappas, and Annie Kuster), want to roll back all the changes that made these accomplishments possible. They want to repeal the tax cuts, roll back trade deals, and scuttle other deals they are blocking like the replacement for NAFTA. They are also opposed (or would roll back) immigration reforms that would have a profound positive impact on the wages of new or low skilled workers. Allowing them to increase their value to employers and climb even higher up the economic ladder.

The Democrats want to reverse all of it. And who do you think will be hit hardest?

Black and Hispanic citizens? New Legal Immigrants? America’s minority youth. Folk who are getting opportunities they haven’t seen in decades regardless of president or party. Thanks to Donald Trump.

The Democrats are promising to take all of that all away given the opportunity. They’ve also promised to pile on trillion sin new spending that will take even more money out of the economy and the pockets of working Americans.

All of which should put your mind to wondering. Who are the racists? The ideological descendants of the Klan (Democrats) with their minds set on destroying opportunity, or the party that set Black Americans free (Republicans) and are doing it again.

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