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Mexico Signs Agreement – New Tariffs Indefinitely Suspended

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If you pay attention to these things, then you’ll know who freaked out when President Trump threatened tariffs against Mexico over border security. The Media, Democrats, some Senate Republicans, and all the other usual suspects. End of the world, economy doomed, relations ruined, none of that happened.


Because Mexico needs us as a trading partner. Trump knows this. And he’s a deal maker. So, Trade makes for excellent leverage. A big ask, wait for reciprocation, then proceed from there.

How Hard Can it Be?

These illegal aliens are walking across the entire country of Mexico to get to the US Southern Border. Every day is an opportunity to turn them around. Mexico just needed a little incentive to stop making it so damn easy.

Massive escalating tariffs.

Within days Mexico showed signs of life. Reports began to trickle in of increased security on Mexico’s southern border. Groups in transit were being detained and presumably deported.  And now we have word that some agreement has been reached that appeases the President of the United States that supports his goal of stopping the invasion of our nation.

This only works because President Trump has earned a reputation for definitive action and perseverance. The exact opposite of spinless appeaser Barry Obama.

Sadly, people who should know better are still triggered when Mr. Trump begins a new game of chess. 

He’s not perfect. He can’t win them all. But when you undermine the effort, it makes it harder to win the game. We expect that from Democrats and their media allies. But it would be nice to see a little bit more support and trust from folks in his own party.

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