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More Bad News for Democrats: Trump Wasn’t Just Right About China

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It is difficult to find something Donald Trump has said, done, or suggested that Democrats have not contradicted or equated with impending doom. It’s so bad that there jokes about asking The Donald to oppose the Second Amendment or support abortion so we can watch Democrats reflexively do the opposite.

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Mention China before last December and you’d hear stories about the economic doom of a trade war. Cable news has hundreds of hours of b-roll on it, featuring an endless string of a-holes. All of whom, by the way, were wrong. As fast and often as they liked. 

At no time in history have more “experts” been so wrong with such frequency for so long. A trait that continues as we watch the WuhanFlu do what flu’s do. This one just happens to be a famously named but no less lethal than most Flu once you get past how easily it seems to find new hosts. What the Left is labeling Trump’s Katrina or his Hurricane Sandy, or whatever disaster conjures up images of political careers in ruins. Even though it’s not.

Remember, honesty, integrity, accuracy, and public interest take a back seat politics and power on the left. Always. But the scaremongering has another price. A political one. And it adds significant credence to that which inspired Mr. Trump to go after China on Trade in the first place. That thing that got the left chanting trade wars, economic collapse, and all the other yadda-yadda. Trump said we should not be economically dependent on Communist China and proceeded to do whatever he could to change that.

He ignored Democrats, the media, the experts, the Never Trumpers, and did just that. And Trump knew better.

When he began imposing strategic tariffs on China in response to its long history of abusive trade practices, the liberals all of a sudden became free trade fundamentalists, predicting that this new “trade war” would harm the American economy because we have relied so heavily on cheap Chinese imports for so many years. Instead, it was the Chinese economy that took a hard hit, while our economy at home surged to its strongest performance in half a century.

What happened? The answer is simple. Just as manufacturers had once moved their factories to China to take advantage of cheap labor, weak regulations, and lower tariffs on exports to developed economies, these companies are now fleeing China for other countries that offer similar business advantages without all of the political baggage from Beijing.

President Trump made it more expensive to do business with our enemy. Made it easier for businesses to look elsewhere denying China access to their intellectual property, jobs, and the economic resources those create for the communist regime. And if Ted Cruz’ driver of 20-years was a ChiCom spy that would be bigger news but lucky for us that guy drove Democrat Dianne Feinstein. So Trump-China-Trade was a thing.

So were no-fly lists, travel bans, and border security. All bad. But President Trump’s quick action to block travel from China has been heralded as a master-stroke at keeping infection rates down in the US. Democrat reaction was to hate it, call it racist, and xenophobic, even now as they pretend that didn’t happen and this is all Trump’s fault.

With Democrats, it would most certainly have been worse. Even now Democrat states are using this to check stuff off their political bucket list while leftists hope it kills Republicans and wipes out your parent’s (or your) retirement savings.

The party that wanted open borders and everyone doing business in China.

And they think they’re smarter than everyone else.

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