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Shouldn’t a Debate Impart Information to the Audience?

What topics are important to you?

We had a national debate with the Democrat candidates for president. Shouldn’t a debate impart information to the audience? Shouldn’t it be more than a chance to up the name recognition by having a moderator call your name repeatedly on national TV?

Domestic questions not asked

Because of the information Jeffrey Epstein had and his extensive client list his death while in custody seems like something that should be discussed and resolved. Why don’t the Democrats want to talk about the issues attendant to his demise? Why isn’t the media doing anything except firing producers who allow, or who the media thinks allowed information out to the public?

The state of the domestic U.S. economy would seem to have a bearing on the outcome of the election. Yet the Democrats are not talking about the economy… why? The democrats are not talking about trade… why? The media are letting them whistle past the graveyard… why?

The national debt has just surpassed $23 trillion. None of the candidates is talking about it. Huge national debt removes money from the economy whose use would have been for growth and reinvestment. Why is no candidate talking about this topic which will negatively impact generations to come in the best-case scenario? Why is the media giving them a pass in doing so?

Constitutional questions not asked

The Supreme Court of the United States is where important cases go for resolution. They interpret the U.S. Constitution and apply it to the law. Why don’t the Democrats want to talk about the issues surrounding SCOTUS? Those issues include but are not limited to vacancies, confirmations, the selection process, and the application of due process to the confirmation procedures.

The Electoral College was a huge topic. Suddenly it is a non-issue. Why is that? If it was such a hot rock why did the candidates for president stop talking about it? Since the candidates stopped talking about it when it had been a very topic why isn’t the media following up and getting the story on what changed? What topics are important to you?

International questions not asked

What happened to Syria? It was a hot topic and suddenly no candidate is talking about it. The media has dropped the subject. Do they not care about the Kurds? Do they think the border with Israel no longer matters in regional politics? Israel is one of America’s strongest allies. It may be directly impacted quickly, negatively and deeply if our policy is wrong. But all we get is crickets… why? Suddenly the opposition party has no opinion? Or are they supporting the position of Islam, which is genocide, and they just don’t want to say so.

Then there is the Biden-Ukraine matter. Why are the candidates not talking about the situation? It is clearly extortion of a foreign government. The effort appears to have been undertaken to protect the Vice President’s son. We have a presidential candidate with such an episode on the record and no candidate and no one in the media wants to go there… really?

Oh, by the way, what about immigration?

How about the $7 billion in aid for which there is inadequate accounting? None of the candidates think $7 billion in taxpayer money is worth even one question? Nobody in the media cares that the candidates don’t care… how is that even possible?

We’ve been battling over immigration and the border wall for three years. Suddenly it is a non-issue for candidates and the media alike? Okay maybe, but given that there is a new MIT-Yale study out saying that the number of illegal immigrants is double the generally accepted number of 11.3 million it makes me want to revisit the actions taken and decisions made to date. It appears the decision making may have been based on false data. Wouldn’t you think someone on the national stage would care? Why don’t the Democrats and the media care? What topics are important to you?


Look, from a poor dumb truck driver’s perspective… understanding the answers to these big-time questions, well they seem significant. Maybe we just aren’t supposed to know enough to arrive at politically correct answers to these questions. But shouldn’t our leadership be willing and able to articulate their positions on these topics?

Shouldn’t the people running for president turn these issues on all six sides so we can know it is safe to trust their understanding of pertinent subject matter before we vote? We don’t want to get stuck by something sharp sticking out of the side of the box. Maybe we’ll learn they are really a box of rocks. We tried voting and then finding out what was in the legislation before and that has not worked out exactly as promised.