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Iran Screwed Up Twice

We on the right have (rightly) called Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terror for years. Something they have just itemized thanks to Ahmad Alamalhoda, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s left-hand man.

Shariah versus the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Can the Quran Only be Understood in Arabic?… Part 1 of 2

The Game: The Quran is only understood in Arabic and one cannot criticize Islam without knowing Arabic. The Truth: Muslims often tell critics of Islam to read the Quran. When the listener acts on the advice Muslims are usually not ready for what happens. An honest translation of Islam’s most sacred book generally reinforces negative …

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Hamas Rockets from Gaza head toward Israel

Ilhan Omar Defends Terrorists – Liz Cheney Takes Her Down

Ilhan Omar has a history of supporting terrorists and terrorism. She’s advocated for them. She stood alongside their supporters. And taken the odd pot-shot at Israel. Enough that her own party almost said something. But since Muslims trump Jews, that didn’t happen. But what about this?