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Biden’s Actions Left America – and the World – Less Safe

Bidenese video screen grab - Not the Bee

Captain Whiteman and his platoon were ordered to support Afghan soldiers and protect a friendly Afghan village with its 12 American aid workers. Without orders, Captain Whiteman withdrew his platoon during the night without telling his Afghan allies and leaving their position indefensible.

He left behind a roster of the Afghan army officers, interpreters, cooperating village leaders, and the American aid workers. He also abandoned a cache of sophisticated weapons that the Taliban didn’t have and huge amounts of ammunition.

The Afghan village was attacked; the outflanked Afghan army was surprised and routed. The villagers and their families were tortured and killed. The women were raped and taken as sex slaves. The whereabouts of the American aid workers are unknown.

Captain Whiteman is being court-martialed for many offenses with severe penalties, perhaps execution, including conduct unbecoming an officer, cowardice, misbehavior before the enemy, desertion, and disobeying orders.

The incident described above is fiction.

But what this fictional Captain did to a village, President Biden did to Afghanistan and all its people. Biden withdrew our small, mostly non-combatant, military presence including the intelligence, maintenance, and air support that the Afghan military had been trained to depend on.

Biden abandoned Bagram Airbase at night without telling our allies so they could defend the base. Bagram held thousands of imprisoned terrorists, which the Taliban released.
Biden abandoned over $80 billion worth of sophisticated military weapons and equipment for the Taliban.

For the first time, the Taliban has Air Force. They have used our (former) helicopters to hang some of the tens of thousands of our Afghan allies that Biden abandoned.

In their march to Kabul, the Taliban tortured, killed, raped, and enslaved people. Now the Taliban has a new list of people to target; the list that Biden provided with the names of the Americans, our Afghan interpreters, and other people who helped our efforts that Biden abandoned in Afghanistan.

While Biden declares victory and the end of the Afghan war, the Islamic Terrorist war against the rest of the world continues with our abandoned allies in Afghanistan being the first victims.

With Afghanistan providing an even larger safe haven for al Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist groups than in 2001, with more and better weapons, with support and protection from Russia and China, and with American dependability shattered, President Biden has made the world a much more dangerous place than it was one month ago.

With open borders and with thousands of un-vetted Afghan refugees brought to our country, President Biden has made our country much less safe than it was only one month ago.