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Abortion, Texas, and Secession

The United States Supreme Court refused 5-4 … with John Roberts joining the three “liberals” … to issue an injunction against a Texas law that gives citizens authority to file civil suits against those who carry out abortions after six weeks, with those found guilty forced to pay $10,000 to the plaintiff.

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Big Win for Chris Sununu at U.S. Supreme Court …. Justices Reject GOP Challenge to Obamacare

This The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a challenge to Obamacare on Thursday in California v. Texas on technical grounds, holding 7-2 that the plaintiffs — some 17 Republican-led states — lacked the standing to bring a suit against the law. This represents a big win for Chris Sununu who over a year ago had his then wingman …

Big Win for Chris Sununu at U.S. Supreme Court …. Justices Reject GOP Challenge to Obamacare Read More »


ACLU-NH’s Double Standard on Freedom of Speech

Seven years ago, the ACLU-NH lobbied for the Buffer Zone law which allows New Hampshire abortion facilities to designate up to 25 feet of the public sidewalk and street outside their facilities as no-free-speech zones.

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A Hostile Takeover of the Judiciary

In today’s America, we the people are not supporting the fundamentals of our system of government. That would seem like the bare minimum for America to continue to exist. So let’s look at an issue of the day and see if it gives us any insight. How has court-packing become a serious discussion topic?

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Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends…

No, this is not a post about Emerson Lake and Palmers Karn Evil 9. (First Impression Part 2). Well, not exactly. And the exhibits are not exclusively our own, but it is the show that never ends. Politics. And, as it turns out, election season.