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State of Emergency

Rise Up New Hampshire cropped and framed

RiseUpNH: Independence Day!

Happy 4th! I hope we can all celebrate the vision and bravery it took for people to rise up to create the US of A. Recall the sacrifices of many of the Declaration signatories, and the continual efforts through the years to keep and strengthen our country through assaults from both inside and out.


RebuildNH Celebrates Meaningful Reform in 2021 Session

EAST DERRY, N.H.—RebuildNH is celebrating a meaningful victory today as the Legislature passed a strong budget containing meaningful emergency powers reforms as well as a promise from the governor to deliver the rest of our critical constitutional requests using bills retained in House committees.


The Elephant in the Room

Possibly you have heard the “good news.” With the budget held hostage, your Freedom Caucus Representatives have reached a backroom deal with the Governor over State of Emergency (SoE) reform.

House session day 3

So Kids, What Did We Learn From Friday’s NH House Session (04/09/21)?

We learned that it took us a full day from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm to get through 33 House bills. All were recommended by their committee as Ought To Pass (OTP) by their respective committees, except for the last 3 bills that were recommended as Inexpedient To Legislate (ITL) by their respective committees.