Inside or Outside – Which is Better for Influencing Politics in NH? Part 2

Skip and Bill O'Brien at Porcfest

Here we continue on with the second of our four part series where I and former Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien had an informal panel at Portfest on where is it best to be IF you want to get politically active here in NH – inside the Legislative process as an elected official or outside speaking about it (like we at GraniteGrok and other advocacy groups).

  • Where can you get the most things done?
  • Which is the best way to reach out to ordinary folks and inform/change minds?
  • What are the pros and cons of both?

And don’t forget the “where to be to have the most fun” component.  After all, being a Legislator here in NH OR being a Grokster, the rate of pay is almost the same (legislators get $100/year and we get, well, we’re all in on being volunteers (so they get 27 cents/day more than we do!).

Part 1 is here.