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Skip Murphy

Public Schools behaving badly

When Public Schools try to extend their disciplinary reach and influence outside the educational calendar and off campus parents need to rein them and their facilitators in. Skip Murphy joins me to discuss a recent example of this, check it out. Check out the original blog post of this podcast for more ways to listen.

How Windham’s Transgender Policy Violates Your Rights

Skip Murphy explains how the Windham School Board’s new transgender bathroom policy includes language that could infringe on first amendment rights by compelling speech with threats of disciplinary action and how he is trying to pry more details from the board. Visit the original post for more ways to listen.

The Interviews, Week Ending 3-3-2018

Another week’s worth of interviews in one convenient package on topics from parents, kids and the culture, gender equality legislation, the epic breakdown in Broward County, catching vote-stealers, and building up a political website with reach. (Plus, an extra six minutes with CNHT chairman Ed Naile.) More ways to listen from the blog post page or …

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The Interviews – Week Ending 2-17-2018

Another week, another great list of guests, all together in one convenient podcast. This week: Ellen Kolb, Kimberly Morin, Susan Olsen, Elliot Axelman, Raheel Raza, and Skip Murphy. Original post page here – where you can find more ways to listen

New Hampshire’s New Minister of Happy Meals

Skip Murphy joins me to discuss HB 1668, the soda ban bill that empowers the nanny state to micro-manage yet another aspect our existence. What beverage restaurants can allow parents to order with kids meals? View or listen on the original blog post page here.

The Interviews – Week Ending 2-10-2018

Catch up with Kimberly Morin, Ed Naile, Susan Olsen (with an additional 12 minutes), and Skip Murphy. There’s also a short “heads-up” at the end about why we need to kill HB 628.

Podcast #161

A slightly shorter show this week but no shortage of great content. Skip Murphy and I talk about a culture that goes after Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), and Dr. Matt Briggs joins me to talk polling and similarities between Trump in 2016 and Reagan in 1980.  

Tune-In to GrokTALK! Tonight.

Just a reminder…GrokTALK! is re-broadcast every Tuesday evening on AC Nation Radio  from 8-10pm. This week our guests are Rick Olson Jr., President of the New Hampshire Wildlife Federation and the current President of the Londonderry Fish & Game Club,  New Hampshire Republican House rep JR Hoell, along with Susan Olsen, Mike Rogers, Skip Murphy and …

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