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Elephant Innards

Any migration of Republicans away from a vote for “Speaker O’Brien” might say more about Gene Chandler than it does Bill. It might mean that Gene was either insincere in his request for unity–and I am on the record both commending him and taking him at his word for that stance–or it demonstrates his inability to control even those who would have chosen him as their House Speaker.

An Open Letter to Republican Freshmen Members of Congress

(Sarah Palin’s open letter to the newest members of the 112th congress) Welcome to all Republican Freshmen and congratulations! Congratulations to all of you for your contribution to this historic election, and for the contributions I am certain you will make to our country in the next two years. Your victory was hard fought, and …

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What Was He Thinking?

Gene Chandler has been taking a good deal of heat lately.  He deserves it in my opinion.  He knows full well the Democrats will make the same hay over the trumped up corn roast scandal, just like they did back then.  That means if he wins he’s on the defensive every single day instead of …

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Can Gene Chandler Salvage The Liberal Agenda?

Provocative title, yes?  Well before you complain about it ask yourself a question.  Why does Dean "Bob" Barker, and the leftistas prefer Chandler over O’Brien?  "That the Dems, if unified, can play a role in preventing him [O’Brien]from being House Speaker, is good news. Dean is part and parcel to the entire Buckley/Sullivan progressive fringe …

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Redistribution of wealth

The Obama disaster tour is on the road complaining about how the Republicans are going to cut education funding by 20%. First, let me clarify that federal education funding could get cut 100% and I’d start to feel better, but since 20% is what we have to work with let’s work with it.

The Pledge To America

The Republicans have released their position paper for the 2010 election and the next congress.  I don’t have time to wade into now, but National Review Online has done the yoemans work already, and we can get into the specifics in the days to come–as in–after I’ve actually read the entire document. NRO Update–I’ve got …

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Harry Reid’s Innocent Victims

They are making hay and BS sandwiches over at Boo-Hoo Hampshire, this time about the latest unemployment benefits stalemate.   Dean Barker–the Boo Hoo Guru–had begun by waxing on the CBS news coverage on the latest unemployment extension debate when he decided to lament (or perhaps invent) 30 years of GOP policy crushing the little guy, …

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“Bork!” Kagen

Republicans need to take the advice of democrats, and “Bork” Elena Kagen.  That’s what they would do. They’d ignore anything even remotely moderate, turn a giant lens on everything else, and burn a hole in her soul.  They would fashion a narrative, go on television, phone, write, blog, call, march, and shout until veins popped …

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