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He Hasn’t Paid His Dues

It has come to my attention that sometimes having the qualities necessary to get the job done are irrelevant.  And that seems to be the opinion of some establishment republicans who have admitted that while Jack Kimball would probably be a great party Chairmen, this sliver of old-guard regulars can’t cast a vote for him because he has not paid his dues.

This is the kind of narrow thinking that got us into trouble and put progressives back in power.  And it is in direct contradiction to the movement that has put Republicans back in power (In New Hampshire) and in control of the US House in DC.  That means "paying your dues" puts you on the wrong side of the only reason you have any power now at all.

So this isn’t your fathers GOP.

What we have here is the GNP, the Grand New Party, and there is nothing better to stoke the youthful fire of a reinvigorated movement than new leadership that understands not just how best to utilize that energy but which understands that making decisions about leadership cannot be based just on who paid their dues.  Let’s be honest.  If we wanted people who have been milling around the dying fires of a disconnected party apparatus we’d still be in the minority.  And if that is the pivot on which your vote turns for Chairman, Committeeman, or much else, perhaps you can do your party a favor and find something better to do on January 22nd than show to up at the convention.