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Biden Lies Without Accountability

Biden Lies Without Accountability … The Media Knows

Joe Biden lies without accountability. We saw more example of this morally and ethically bankrupt behavior last night. Did you watch the debate last night? We will not hold it against you if you didn’t. There were some pretty glaring points made. The media these days has stopped reporting. They have shifted focus to censorship. …

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Intervention From the Heavens

Intervention From the Heavens

Just when the Washington creatures were ready to spend another $3 trillion the lights came on. We don’t need the extension of weekly central government supplements to unemployment benefits. We need to go back to work. The economic data came forth showing Americans are getting back to work in record numbers.

Government Spending Reform

The issue Higher taxes are not the solution to our out-of-control spending. Taxes are over $3 trillion this year. Our deficit will be over $1 trillion. Raising all taxes by one third only allows us to balance the budget. How ugly is that? It would not allow us to put a dent in our debt. …

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Promise, Tax, Grow Government, Borrow, Grander Promises, Until…

Promise me this… The Donkey’s running for President are locked in battle. Socialists all, they are competing to become the candidate who promises to give away the most tax dollars of yours. They are promising to give away everything to anyone who might be a potential voter whether or not they are a citizen. Why …

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Promises, Promises…

It’s time for another Obama Inauguration speech and if he keeps promises made in this one as well as he did the last….well, at least this time there is an actual shelf-life on the Obama Presidency as well. H/T Reason.TV, c/o Hot Air