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Warren’s Anti-Racism Plan is Collapsing

Warren's Anti-Racism Plan is Collapsing

Socialist Elizabeth Warren’s anti-racism plan is collapsing. She now has a problem.  On her website she has an Anti-Racism Plan.  Now the minorities are leaving her campaign. In doing so they are shredding what little credibility she may have.

Truth, we don’t need no damned truth

She has never been what you would call enamored by the truth.  It is probably closer to say she and the truth having a passing acquaintance. How passing? Well, she’s certainly one of the lawyers all those lawyer jokes are about. So much for the anti-racism candidate. Warren has courted the minority vote by declaring she supports slavery reparations and condemning her white privilege.

Fauxcahontas continues peddling her plans; “valuing women of color,” “restoring America’s promise to Latinos” ad nauseum. Let’s just say recent events have people questioning the sincerity of her message. As reported by Politico, half a dozen women of color have recently departed Warren’s 70-person campaign team in Nevada.

Three of them felt marginalized by the campaign. They took their concerns to human resources. Their circumstances did not improve (or worsened). “Complaints, comments, advice, and grievances were met with an earnest shake of the head and progressive buzzwords but not much else.”

Warren talks the talk when it comes to minority voters. But… the people within her own campaign are leaving. Why? Because they feel ostracized and/or mistreated because of their minority status. Making the situation worse is Warren’s inability to take responsibility for the environment within her campaign.

Talk is cheap

Sure, in an MSNBC interview she apologized to the cameras. She said she took responsibility but not without blaming America’s “legacy” of “racism and oppression” for the “toxic work environment”… And she implies that is what creates the atmosphere for her campaign staff. Most baffling is the lack of corrective action steps. This brings us back to pandering, hypocrisy and outright lies.

This is nothing new for Warren. When word came out that her claims of Native American heritage were greatly exaggerated, she blamed her family.  This is not the sign of a strong or credible leader.

During a Democratic debate, “Election time, year after year, election after election after election, Democrats go to people in the black community and say, ‘Boy, we really care about these issues, racism is terrible.’ … And then, somehow, the problem just seems to keep getting worse. Well, I think it’s time we have real, concrete plans that are going to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Where the rubber meets the road

This might sound great in theory. The Democrats have been running the game for 70 years. Why would anyone believe her? Minorities are leaving her campaign. She has a history of blaming others when things get tough? Lying Lizzie wants to create an “equal” America. This probably means she wants to lie to everyone equally? Just thinking about it… She can’t even manage race relations in her own campaign.

Compare that to the positive economic results this President has achieved. Compare that to people of color traveling to campaign for this President. It’s one thing to talk the talk. It is quite something else to actually care for the people you represent.

My suspicion is this will be the first Presidential election since WWII where the minority vote will be tightly contested. Americans are waking up to the pandering. They are warming to Trump’s propensity to transparency. He has just been showing the results and letting the chips fall where they may.

What will be

Will this be the coronavirus of the left? Will it spread to her fellow socialist presidential pretenders? We know Biden is losing black voters. Buttigieg isn’t getting their support. Lieawatha is treating her people poorly. Klobuchar has a reputation for abusing everyone around her. Warren’s anti-racism plan is collapsing. Maybe the DNC is too.