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Yet another reason why I no longer talk to pollsters

As I said here, about phone polls, I really don’t want to waste my time and I’m not wanting to answer silly questions that I know that are setups for a desired result. How do I know? Well, by the question’s construction – and I’m not the only one (emphasis mine).


No, I’m Not Answering any More Political-Poll Phone Calls Either

Over the last two months, the Robo-polling calls have been ramping up. Now, I’m getting anywhere from 5 to 8 calls a day. I used to answer them and I used to give truthful answers. I’d point out to the poor schlub at the other end of the call how badly worded the questions were.

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Chris Maidment is NOT an Admin at GraniteGrok.com

There’s a rumor going around since I launched the new EC5 Poll. That Christopher Maidment, who works for the Wheeler Campaign, is an Admin at GraniteGrok.com. The implication is that this will allow him to manipulate the poll results. Not that he could if he was, but Chris is not an Admin.

Against the Odds, the case for Stacey Abrams VP potential

Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick is agonisingly tantalising; it’s one that has many political pundits debating the candidates to exhaustion and has media analysts taking the measure of through various opinion polls. Even, sportsbooks have joined the fray, putting in their two cents by rolling out a veritable buffet of political odds …

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Baffled Democrats

Why Democrats Can’t Find More Support for Impeachment

Frustrated Democrats have tried everything to gain public support for impeachment.  After alternately hinting at it, suggesting it, and demanding it for three years, they brought in a special counsel to investigate the president. Then there were the hearings, closed and open. They tried appealing to our sense of justice and to our patriotism.  After …

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