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Greece and Turkey

Will Greece and Turkey Go to War Again?

Greece is adding more military personnel and by developing the country’s defense industry. That is per a government statement last Monday. There is a tense standoff with Turkey that has led to concerns of open conflict between the two countries.

Fracking Pennsylvania

Democrats Disenfranchising Millions More Blue Collar Workers

The Democrats threw white middle-class workers under the bus in 2016, and it cost them an election. But you learn from your mistakes, or maybe you’re too damn smart to learn anything. That would be Democrats, who pissed of the police unions already and have now turned off a 3 million-member trade union.

Oil well pump Oil and GDP

The Democrats are rejoicing in this misery

The loudest socialist mouthpiece in the House is AOC. She is cheering the news of plummeting oil futures. Monday oil futures went below zero. That means oil producers are paying processors to take the oil. Demand worldwide has plunged in response to the coronavirus.

Natural Gas Flame stove top

Are the Left’s Anti-Oil and Gas Policies Fracking Racist!?

Just so we’re clear the Democrat Race-Pimps Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are in favor of transitioning to what the left pretends are cleaner forms of energy (they are not). But they are concerned that the current crop of Fracking-banners would place an unfair burden on African Americans.