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Roswell New Mexico Becomes “Sanctuary” For Fetal Life

New Mexico has been in our news a lot lately. In response to liberal legislation, almost every county has declared itself a sanctuary for Gun owners. So, how about a refuge for life? The Roswell New Mexico city council just voted seven to one in support of a resolution to protect fetal life.


New Mexico Criminalizes Private Gun Sales

New Mexico’s governor has signed legislation making it illegal to engage in private gun sales in the state. It is meant to close one of those loop-holes Democrats like to talk about. One that, according to the new law, does not exist for everyone.

Lincoln County New Mexico

Handful of Counties in New Mexico Are Declaring Themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Faced with a slew of restrictive anti-gun laws counties across the nation have begun declaring themselves second amendment Sanctuaries. Places where unconstitutional state-level anti-gun laws will not be enforced by either county police or local law enforcement. In keeping with our coverage a few of these “transitions” the latest news comes from New Mexico.