New Mexico’s “Green New Deal” and Their Oil for Education Funding Dilemma

Solar farm

New Mexico’s gun-grabbing governor just signed the Energy Transition Act. This bold and innovative grasp at the impossible requires the state to shift to 50% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% by 2045. A state that relies on massive amounts of oil and gas revenue to fund public education.

New Mexico gets about a billion a year in revenues from oil and gas thanks to the Permian Basin. That fracking motherload of evil fossil fuels. A significant source of jobs, economic activity, federal lease payments, and easy money. And a resource they plan to eschew. Not likely.

They’ll keep the oil and gas flowing. But the plan (at least on paper) is to transition New Mexico’s greed to “renewables.” This is the moral equivalent of being an anti-smoking activist who gets paid by Big Tobacco to export cigarettes to southeast Asia.

They will export the affordable energy, cash the checks, smile, and say we’re not using them here anymore, so we’re better than you.

The Green Future

Part of the transition fairytale, these energy experts tell us, includes having such robust wind and solar capacity that they won’t need oil and gas anymore.

Other green-induced hallucinations include the idea that renewable infrastructure is more environmentally friendly (Solar is bad too). That it will cost less. That it will create more jobs. That electricity will cost less. And it will fund education.

None of these things are true. 

They do create heat islands. Have adverse effects on local plants and wildlife. And use up massive amounts of real-estate for the net energy they generate. And no nation that has ever gone all-in has been able to make it work. 

Maybe New Mexico will be different?


New Mexico Democrats are no different either. Despite all their laws and words, there is no way in hell they will part ways with a billion a year in oil and gas money. Their green economy and the state budget will collapse without it.