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Arizona Cancels Nike Deal Over Shoe Flag Flap – New Mexico’s Dem Gov – Hey Nike, Let’s Talk

Nike Betsy Ross Flag Shoe

Yesterday’s breaking anti-American news (two days before Independence Day) was Nike allowing Colin Kaepernick to convince them to freeze the launch of a Betsy Ross flag inspired sneaker. The Gov. of Arizona heard about it and killed a deal with the Company.

AZ Gov. Doug Ducey’s twitter storm can be summed up with this.

Next door, in Blue Mexico, where Democrats criminalize private gun sales and other dumb stuff, Lefty Governor Michelle Grisham would be happy to have Nike c/o HotAir,

Tripp Stelnicki, director of communications for the governor, confirms that the administration has reached out to explore a potential fit.

“We want those jobs,” said Stelnicki. “It’s wild that anyone would jeopardize viable employment for potentially hundreds of state residents because of some political virtue-signaling.”

Allahpundit’s response to New Mexico’s interest is as good as any. “Grisham’s serious about it, her spokesman emphasized. If you wipe your ass with the American flag, of course, this very blue state will be happy to do business with you.”

Including the Betsy Ross flag? New Mexico isn’t one of the thirteen original colonies. Why would they care? For all we know the very liberal Grisham has a plan to secede to Mexico ‘cuz Trump.

Most of Nike’s plants are outside the US so they’d be on board.