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NH Governor Sununu: You Are Responsible if a Child is Injured or Dies!

Children’s immune systems naturally fight Covid-19 – and they are at ZERO risk to die from the virus. After 19 months, there is not a single confirmed case of a child transmitting and infecting an adult with COVID-19, nor a single recorded hospitalization and/or death of a child from COVID-19 alone. Sadly that may change …

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I teach entirely online for a community college in California. Despite being socially distanced from Los Angeles by over 2,000 miles at my place in NH, my college’s Board of Trustees has mandated I take an mRNA shot.

Quick Takes – Hat trick

1. Plans and agreements done in secret do not inspire confidence: Below is a link to a purported copy of the agreement between the Israeli government and Pfizer.  Per Dr. Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology:

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The Vaccine Appears to Make Some More Susceptible to COVID Not Less

Another win for Team Swamp. The vaccine that was supposed to ease symptoms appears to do the opposite. The latest expert opinion suggests the Jabbed need to wear a mask, can be asymptomatic carriers, can transmit the flu, and are at risk of hospitalization and death if they survive the potential side effects.


The Technological Golden Calf

I first picked up the classic scifi book Dune by Frank Herbert when I was in high school, and only at my father’s insistence.