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The Trump plan for America is Peace and Prosperity

The Trump Doctrine Leads to Peace and Prosperity

Just in time for the Presidential debates, Trump is locking up a third Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Negotiations between Israel and Palestine may be stalling. But, peace is breaking out all over the region. The Abraham accords are realigning the regional balance of power.

Khomeini and Jimmy Carter

America’s Insanity and Mistake Trap

When people hear the word “insanity,” they conjure up the image of someone out of touch with reality and out of control; a dysfunctional person fit to be tied. Yet, insanity comes in numerous types as well as degrees. It is also widely prevalent in groups, even in the nations as a whole.


Mullah’s Time is Up

There is an old warning: never corner a rabid cat. Either leave an escape hatch for it, or kill it. Otherwise the desperate rabid cat, when cornered or wounded, but not dead, will likely gouge your eyes out. That’s the case with the cornered presently wounded rabid mullahs ruling and ruining Iran. One thing is …

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Robert Spencer: The Palestinian Delusion

Robert Spencer’s new book, The Palestinian Delusion, under the “light of reason” is an invaluable accurate account that ranks as a most worthy scholarly work on the subject by a man of outstanding credentials, impeccable integrity, and unsurpassed qualifications. This meticulously documented and comprehensive book is a treasure for anyone wishing to learn the truth of …

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