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Trump Gives US Navy A-OK to Make Martyrs if Iranian Gun Boats Harass Them Again

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A pack of pesky Iranian gunboats recently swarmed and harassed US ships in International waters. The engagement greatly increased the likelihood of a collision, damage, or who knows what. Well, President Trump knows, if it happens again.

He has ordered the Navy to destroy them if they repeat the stunt.

His announcement comes one week after nearly a dozen of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps navy boats made several “dangerous and harassing approaches” to U.S. warships conducting joint operations with Army attack helicopters in international waters, U.S. military officials said.

“I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea,” Mr. Trump tweeted.

Say hello to your virgins. And I hope they’re not all guys unless that’s how you roll. 


Yes, you could call this an escalation, but a more accurate term would be a leveling of tactics. Iran has been killing Americans for years. Killing anyone else in the region as well, if it strikes their fancy. Hezbollah and Hamas get their arms from Iran (to kill people) which they toss into Israel on a regular basis. Or, at whomever Iran instructs.

They are not shy about their intentions. Destroy the Saturday people (Jews) then the Sunday People (Westerners). We are a stain on the earth, a feeling they share with environmentalists and Leftists. White people, in particular, are awful. So what if their adherence to liberty and rule of law has lead to a form of living that has freed more people from poverty than any other in human history.

Screw that. Tyranny is where it’s at – bring on the supremacy doctrines. Be the Green or Red or  Both. Green being Islam, Red being Communism, and both being watermelon environmentalism.

It’s a Big Picture Thing

The religion of peace is about war. Not just with Israel and the west but within itself over what that was should look like. Iran, for their part, has promised to cleanse the world of Jews and has been at war with the US for decades.

There will never be peace so perhaps Mr. Trump is just giving them a bit of the old right back at you. And the question for Iran is this. While their rhetoric is that we are a paper tiger, reality (at least with Trump in the White House), looks a lot different.

He punches back. And if the People of Iran continue to signal a yearning to be free of the Mullahs, Trump may be the guy to help them along. He has no interest in spreading democracy ala Bush and the Neocons. No invasions or more foreign wars. But US national security here and around the globe matter to him. Helping Iran topple the Mullahs would be a step in the right direction.

That probably slows Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Puts a hold on state funding to Hamas, Hezbollah, or anyone else Iran is financing. It ould open the economy. Or maybe it just makes a bigger mess.

Iran has been at war with us for a very long time so we’re not starting anything. But if we join the dance, and increase the tempo, does Iran beg for more or keep it tit for tat until they add bigger muscles to their war machine? I don’t think they’ll stop.

And on that final point, Israel, with or without us, will never let that happen. And who could blame them? It would be unwise to ignore the repeated promises of extermination.

Image | Washington Times